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Re: release policy changes for etch

Em Ter, 2005-06-28 às 00:43 +0200, Andreas Barth escreveu:
> Hi, All,


> As always, the full canoncial list of the RC policy for etch is available
> at http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt .

I feel there's too much redundancy there when taking debian policy into
account, is that redundancy really needed?

I have a question about this requirement:

	Packages must not install programs in the default PATH with
	different functionality with the same file name, even if they

Totem and Glade, for example, generate two binary packages each which
are mutually exclusive.

totem-gstreamer certainly provides functionality which is different from
the one provided by totem-xine. The same goes for glade/glade-gnome: the
first provides the nice UI builder, the second adds GNOME-related
widgets and functionality.

I and Sebastien, totem's maintainer, feel that it would not be a good
idea to apply this requirement on these cases. Do you have a rationale
for this requirement? Would you mind elaborating on that?


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