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Re: The status of the etch RC policy

* Daniel Jacobowitz (dan@debian.org) [050629 02:18]:
> Is the Etch RC Issues list supposed to be:
>   - A subset of policy
>   - A superset of policy
>   - Some hodgepodge I can't quite work out

Supposed to be a subset. On my list of tasks is to sync RC policy with
policy, but that has not yet reached a position where it gets time

> More specifically, Bill Allombert referred me to this document for
> #316093, which deals with non-plain-text conffiles in ncurses-base. 
> The alternative is sufficiently aggravating (and the request fairly
> surprising, to me anyway) that I want to make sure the policy is set
> before I have to change the package...

I would expect that this requirements stays and gets also in policy. The
basic reason is probably the behaviour of dpkg on non-text conffiles,
but there might be other good reasons (see that programs may not
programatically change conffiles except by requesting the user to start
an text editor).
Feel free to start a discussion; however, another list than
debian-release is probably better.


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