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amd64 dvd image testing - jigdo files

Hi how are  you?
i'm sending this email because i have problem to download amd64 dvd
image testing - jigdo files

some files, do not download, don't import what server i choose
and i choose a lot of primary servers( i don't use all yet)

one example

"13:16:25 -- http://ftp.br.debian.org/debian-no-US/pool/main/x/xfree86/libxtst-dev_4.3.0dfsg-1-14_amd64.deb
=> 'debian-31r0a-amd64-binary-1.iso.tmpdir/ftp.br.debian.org/debian-non-US/pool/main/x/xfree86/libxts-dev_4.3.0.dfsg.1-14_amd64.deb'
connection to ftp.br.debian.org[]:80...connected/
http request sent, awaiting reponse... 404 Not found
13:16:26 error 404: Not Found"

the question
doesn't the file exists?
beucase i dont find, and i need more 278 files like this

don't waste you time. i know the aswer the file doesn't exists

first have a "non-us"after pool that jigdo dont find and i have the
last jigdo file

don't have the directortory xfree86 in

well, lets try a us 
DONT have the file to amd64 only to anothers
and in the site says ALL
 with this is difficult i test all 342 servers

please put the archives in mirrors, or give a mirror with the files

i'm looking for the DVD testing files to AMD 64

my name
Marcos Rodrigues Simaika
my adress
Rua Herminio Vassoler 241
Jardim Boa Esperança
city: Campinas
state São Paulo
cep 13091-511

if a send a email to wrong guy please, help me, where i need to send
my email requesting help and fix

tks very much

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