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Re: taking over ICU, library/C++ transition issues

Otavio Salvador writes:
> Jay Berkenbilt <qjb@debian.org> writes:
> > Given that nothing urgently needs version 3.2, would it be better to
> > wait to do the ICU library transition until after the C++ transition
> > is done?  Do we have a time frame on that yet?
> Maybe you can use GCC 4.0 to compile it and then already use the new
> ABI of C++. So when the people start to use it can already move his
> packages to the new ABI too.
> This at last makes sense to me. What all the rest of people thinks
> about it?

don't do it. You'll have to upload each package twice. And you'll
packages uninstallable for a longer time frame.

Fix apt-proxy in the meantime ;-)


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