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release policy text changes


I started to draft the textual changes to our release policy according
to our meetings results. Please feel free to cluebat me until the texts
are in good shape. :)


1. DFSG-freeness

        Code {+and Documentation+} in main and contrib must meet the DFSG,
        both in .debs and in the source (including the .orig.tar.gz).

        [-Documentation in main and contrib must be freely distributable,
        and wherever possible should be under a DFSG-free license. This
        will likely become a requirement post-sarge.-]


2. Dependencies

        Packages in main cannot require any software outside of main
        for execution or compilation. [-Packages in contrib, non-free cannot
        require any software in non-US.-]  "Recommends:" lines do not count as


4. Autobuilding


        debian/rules must include the targets: clean, binary, binary-arch,
        binary-indep and build; and these targets cannot require any
        interaction with the user. The build target must not do anything that
        requires root privileges. {+None of these targets may change the
        packages build-dependencies or the changelog.+}


5. General


  (l) Mail


        MTAs must provide /usr/sbin/sendmail, and a symlink to that
        program as /usr/lib/sendmail. {+/usr/sbin/sendmail must provide
        the -bs switch, unless the package conflicts with LSB.+}


  (p) Linux Standard Base

        Packages must not conflict with requirements of the LSB,
        v1.3. (eg, if you provide a library specified in the LSB, you
        must be compatible with the LSB specification of that library)

        Basically, you should be LSB compatible. You can expect a bug
        report to be filed if you're not, and if you don't know how to
        fix the problem, you should email debian-lsb@lists.debian.org
        for assistance.

        {+[Expect that the LSB Version will be bumped to 3 during etch

  (q) Python

        Packages providing python modules must comply with the python
        policy (naming scheme and dependencies). See 

        {+[Expect that the python policy and implementation will change
        during the etch development cycle]+}

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