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Re: Release team for etch?

Il giorno sab, 11-06-2005 alle 11:26 +0200, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo ha
> El sáb, 11-06-2005 a las 08:15 +0200, Giuseppe Sacco escribió:
> > There are a lot of new large packages that needs a *lot* of testing
> > before being releaseable. I think a one year release is really
> > impossibile, while a two years release seems reasonable to me.
>  Why do you want a release with X.org packages and not with ..... (fill
> in here). The problem is that Debian is quite huge and have packages
> with very different schedules and in different cycles of their live. If
> we release each 18 months, and for that we have to drop X.org support
> from the first release, we will have X.org support in stable in 3 years
> form now. If we wait for X.org (or other packages facing a great
> transition now), perhaps we will be able to release in 2-3 years, which
> will mean that we will only ship one stable version in that period of
> time. IMHO that does not benefit users more than having X.org in next
> stable release.

We need to write down a list of desiderata. I added X.org, but I might
also have added openoffice2 or any other large package.

Transitions are necessary, as you pointed out, and require some time. If
you procrastinate this transition, then you will never face it and you
will never include any large package in Stable.

We need to face transitions and we need to test their results. This is
why, IMHO, we probably cannot release in less the 18 months.

I think the only way to start now, is to select what we will need in a
next release. Then we'll start working on these subjects and we will
start a freeze whenever we get these results. I would love to have this
completed in 18 months, but I think this is very very difficult.


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