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Re: Uploading to both stable and unstable

Selon Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org>:

> Err... did you notice that stable has been released recently?

I must have seen a little announce somewhere.

> Do you know what stable means?  And what's the difference between
> stable and volatile or *cough* unstable?

There's nothing about volatile in the Developer's Reference.

As for stable, the Developer's Reference says:

"Even once a distribution is considered stable, a few bugs inevitably remain
? that's why the stable distribution is updated every now and then. However,
these updates are tested very carefully and have to be introduced into the
archive individually to reduce the risk of introducing new bugs. You can find
proposed additions to stable in the proposed-updates directory."

No mention of the scope of proposed-updates.

> > Is it still possible? I recall we could add more than one distribition
> > name in changelog entries. If so, shall we use 'stable unstable' or
> > 'proposed-updates unstable', or maybe something else?
> Those changes will most probably be rejected from stable.

Please tell me about the scope of proposed-updates, except from security
updates. Thanks.


Jérôme Marant

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