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Re: Uploading to both stable and unstable

Jérôme Marant wrote:
> (Please CC me on reply)
> Hi,
> I think we are going to add many fixes to emacs21 until emacs22
> comes out and it would be nice to add those fixes to stable
> as well.

Err... did you notice that stable has been released recently?

Do you know what stable means?  And what's the difference between
stable and volatile or *cough* unstable?

> Is it still possible? I recall we could add more than one distribition
> name in changelog entries. If so, shall we use 'stable unstable' or
> 'proposed-updates unstable', or maybe something else?

Those changes will most probably be rejected from stable.

In former times the archive suite could not handle such uploads



It's time to close the windows.

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