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congratulations on the Sarge release

I'd like to extend my thanks and congratulations to everyone affiliated
with the Debian Project for making the long-awaited Sarge release a

My first inclination was to advise taking a moment to pat ourselves on the
back, but you don't need my encouragement to do so.  Furthermore, I know
that many changes we've been anxious to make are already in preparation for
experimental or unstable -- the freedom to make disruptive changes again
may be the best refreshment of all.

Still, if you've been neglecting your significant other or circle of
friends, pouring heart and soul into creating the most impressive Debian
GNU/Linux release yet, I *do* recommend taking an evening to celebrate with
them.  Even if they don't really know what Debian is, you can raise a glass
(or a pint) with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Again, my humblest thanks to everyone who helped make Sarge happen.  I look
forward to us changing the world again with our next release.

G. Branden Robinson
Debian Project Leader

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