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Please accept httrack 3.33.16-1 in testing (if not too late..)

Hmm, it is a *bit* late, but would it be possible to allow httrack 3.33.16-1 to enter testing ?

A serious bug was reported 30/05, that causes excessive bandwidth consumption, when mirroring certain sites in commandline mode, if no monitoring of the download is made. After few days of investigation, the problem was detected, fixed, and the fix tested. The problem only concerns the commandline version (most users are using the 'GUI' version, not affeted by the problem), so this is not a critical issue (but it would be good to include it anyway)

The patch is quite small (116 lines), and only touch engine configuration. No other fix or improvement is included in this patch.

See Bug #312052

Sorry for the last-minute patch (final freeze is Jun 6 ?)

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