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Re: Should we release lukemftpd with sarge?

* Martin Michlmayr (tbm@cyrius.com) [050604 13:56]:
> I'm wondering whether lukemftpd should be released with sarge or not.
> Noah Meyerhans filed a critical security bug in August 2004 (#266370).
> This has been fixed in an NMU but Noah also raised this point:
> | It seems that lukemftpd no longer exists, at least not by that name.
> | In the NetBSD vulnerability report you'll find the following:
> |                 pkgsrc  net/lukemftpd:  Update pkgsrc, this package was
> |                                           renamed to tnftpd
> | So it seems to me that this package has been superceded upstream.  IMHO,
> | we need to drop this package from Debian and (assuming somebody's
> | interested) package tnftpd in its place.
> I asked Takuo KITAME (the maintainer of lukemftpd in Debian) what he
> thinks but never got a response.  IMHO we shouldn't release lukemftpd
> with sarge but I'm not sure I'm in a position to make that call.
> What do the release people think?



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