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Re: T minus 19 hours; outstanding issues?

On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 05:19:20PM -0700, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Ok, here's a rundown of issues I know are outstanding at this point, that we
> need to try to get cleaned up before release:
> snort 2.3.2-3 (bug #311257, bug #311263): missing build on hppa; serious
>  bugs only; could be pushed in on all archs but hppa and synced up at point
>  release time.
> openldap2.2 2.2.23-8 (bug #255276, #308234): missing build on hppa; rather
>  ugly bugs, but again we could sync archs in a point release.
> samba 3.0.14a-4 (bug #310982): missing build on mipsel; security fix, can be
>  synced after release.

If you're syncing security fixes missing on only one architecture,
should gdb 6.3-6 go in also?

Not a big deal if it doesn't.  It's not important as security fixes go.

Daniel Jacobowitz
CodeSourcery, LLC

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