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T minus 19 hours; outstanding issues?

Ok, here's a rundown of issues I know are outstanding at this point, that we
need to try to get cleaned up before release:

snort 2.3.2-3 (bug #311257, bug #311263): missing build on hppa; serious
 bugs only; could be pushed in on all archs but hppa and synced up at point
 release time.

openldap2.2 2.2.23-8 (bug #255276, #308234): missing build on hppa; rather
 ugly bugs, but again we could sync archs in a point release.

samba 3.0.14a-4 (bug #310982): missing build on mipsel; security fix, can be
 synced after release.

nagios 2:1.3-cvs.20050402-2.sarge.1 (bug #311526): missing build on alpha;
 is building now, so should be a shoe-in tomorrow if Ryan runs a double
 cron.daily.  Can again be left to sync up in a point release if not.

sendmail 8.13.4-3 (bug #311769): filed as critical, but something we could
 relegate to the release notes if needed.  Only made it into the archive
 shortly before dinstall today, so is currently out-of-date on all but three
 archs, so not much sense in trying to push this one in.

wxwindows2.4 (unfiled): RC issue with undistributable code in the
 previous upstream version; this is really the single issue that I don't
 think we have a fallback for, so we need to have an upload for s390 before
 we can release -- that, or yank binaries for a dozen or so packages out of
 sarge for s390.

So, the game plan seems to be to have another cron.daily run (minus mirror
pulse) tomorrow before the usual run, followed by a final britney run and
the regular cron.daily at the usual hour.

There are various other security fixes pending, which may or may not make it
in before the lockdown.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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