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FAQ (debian-doc package) update in preparation for the imminent release

Yesterday I uploaded a new version of the doc-debian package, which 
provides the FAQ, after making updates in the CVS fixing long-standing 
bugs [1] as well as making changes in preparation for the sarge release (so 
the FAQ says that 'sarge' is stable and gives the correct count of packages 
and developers for that release). Thus, it has been uploaded as 

The packages have not made it yet into the archive since the ftp masters
need to install the new 'byhand' files which should find their way into 
ftp.debian.org:/debian/doc. This directory is used by the CD creation team 
to put the documentation on the first CD-ROM of the official set.

This package's revision is only a documentation update so I would like to 

- the ftp maintainers to apply the byhand as fast as possible
- the debian-cd team to make sure that they are using the latest version 
(the header should say 'version 3.1.1, 3 June 2005') when building the CDs
- the release team to approve this new version into sarge as soon as it 
makes it into the archive

I'm sorry this is done in the last moment, I'm not actually the package 
maintainer but it seems that nobody noticed that the only piece of 
documentation that is provided currently in the CDs was not ready for the 



PD: CC'ing debian-doc so that other DDP members are aware of this request 
in case they can make it directly through other channels (IRC?)

[1] 202491 241094 265587 276625 283033 291790 292972 299434 303486 303987 
304130 304156 304156 309777

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