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Re: cheetah (#309648) needs approval

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Just a follow up to this post so we have a reference in the list
archives.  I've verified with Steven that upstream believes that the
fix in CVS does indeed fix the problem, and that no further bug
reports regarding the fix has made it to the cheetahtemplate-discuss
email list.  Travis replied [1]_ to my query with::

    "Hi Chad, you should be fine with the first bullet point, but it
    is well worth including the second when possible."

The cheetah team has released 0.9.17 that includes the fix and another
that fixed a bug with handling of the searchList with dynamic
inheritance.  As you can see, he suggests we include that fix as well,
but I don't want to introduce another change before Sarge releases.
It appears that the bug is one that does affect functionality of
dynamic inheritance, and perhaps should be included.

I'm looking for feedback from the release folks if I should make one
more upload before Sarge or wait for the first point release.

For that matter, 0.9.17 was just released and appears to only contain
those two fixes.  I could roll up the 0.9.17 package and upload it
today with high priority if you feel that this would be OK.

0.9.17 (May 30, 2005)
  - this is just 0.9.17rc1 repackaged [TR]

0.9.17-rc1 (May 12, 2005)
  This is simple bug fix release resolves some issues introduced by
  under-the-hood changes in release 0.9.16a1.

  - removed the use of temp files for handling imports with dynamic
    compilation. This removes a whole slew of issues, including a temp
    file security issue reported on the email list by Brian Bird. [TR]
  - fixed bug with handling of the searchList with dynamic
    inheritance, as reported by  Brian Bird. [TR]

.. [1] http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=11858969

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