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Please consider exim4 4.50-8 for testing (666 lines of functional diff)


please consider pushing exim4 4.50-8 from unstable into testing as a
last-minute update.

The package - again - fixes a huge number of documentation issues
which will hopefully help reducing the avalanche of bug reports we
expect after sarge's release.

After stripping all documentation fixes from the 118 Kbyte interdiff,
28 Kilobytes (666 lines) of functional fixes remain. This is what we
did in detail (sorted in descending appropriateness):

- we build against libmysqlclient12, as requested by the release team
  (PAM, NSS etc are already on 12).

- In some circumstances, exim dumps arbitrary parts of /etc/passwd,
  /etc/group to the reject log. This is a local exim bug, a harmless
  one, but it is scary to people as the data is logged as being received
  from the remote side, causing "wtf, why is the other side sending me
  part of _my_ user database" kind of reactions, probably triggering
  security incident procedures. (no Debian bug number, backported
  upstream fix, 40 lines C diff).

- The "installed debconf version is broken" message is now clearly
  flagged as a warning, issued by exim4-config.postinst. This might
  reduce bugs being filed against dpkg and/or debconf. Diff: 1 line.

- We now ask for a mail-hub name unconditionally in satellite setups.
  This hopefully eases user confusion when installing for satellite
  setups. #304838, 70 lines diff.

- dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config now has the changes effective
  immediately. A bad goof in the maintainer scripts had the changes
  ignored until a manual daemon reload (we reloaded the daemon at a
  stage in reconfiguration where the new configuration was not yet
  written). #310703, approx 40 lines shellscript diff.

- The SASL code doesn't any more create log entries for trying
  unavailable mechanisms. This is a backported upstream fix. (#299743,
  60 lines C diff)

- A exim4.conf.localmacros file is now read in non-split config setups
  to allow more easy setting of local macros. (approx 100 lines of
  shellscript diff, a lot of them caused by a lengthy disclaimer which
  is added to the generated config file being moved to a different place
  in the script)

- we now preserve escape sequences in
  /etc/exim4/update-exim4.conf.conf, which no longer breaks regular
  expressions given as answer to the debconf questions. Mostly, we
  replace calls to echo with calls to printf, and use environment
  variables to communicate with awk. (Bug #305957,
  approx 190 lines shellscript diff).

- the local parts accepted by the ACLs are now locally configurable.
  This might be important since we are pretty restrictively filtering
  here. (#306094, approx 35 lines of configuration diff)

Dear Release Managers, you're doing a superb job, please continue to
do so. While I'd prefectly like to read an "approved" message in
response to this message, in the event of these changes not being
accepted in their entirety, please indicate which of these changes -
all of which should be in sarge according to the Debian exim4
maintainers - would be appropriate for sarge.

Please consider accepting exim4 4.50-8 for sarge.


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