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different packages should enter Sarge

Dear RMs,

There are some package that need attention:
1) Please remove metalog from Sarge; I am the
   maintaner of it, and do not feel that it is
   mature enough for the release.
2) Please let neon enter Sarge as it contains only
   changes to control, copyright and changelog expect
   an one liner of source change, which reverts a
   change back to 0.24.7.dfsg-0.2 . I am not a security
   expert, but the addition of OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms()
   to the ne_ssl_context_create() function by me (see #285591)
   was a mistake and may cause a problem. This is seconded by
   upstream, Joe Orton (a RedHat employer); see the bugreport.
3) Updated kernel-patch-grsecurity2 with spelling corrections
   of README.Debain, updated the documentation that one should
   use a vanilla kernel source (see #310577). It _may seems_ to be
   a new release, but it _isn't_. I just also removed the old patches
   which apply to a kernels with security bugs, and updated the diff
   offsets for in the latest release (no changes to the patch
   itself).  The .diff.gz just would have been huge, that's why I had to
   do a seems-to-be-new .orig.tar.gz . I haven't uploaded it until
   it is allowed. Available at http://www.barcikacomp.hu/debian/ .
4) I would like to update gradm2 with a new Czech debconf translation.
   Can I upload it to testing-proposed-updates?

Thanks for your time,

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