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Re: Bug#310644: zope bugs

* Steve Langasek

> Does the package fail to install in this case?  That's perfectly
> reasonable behavior if the user is ignoring critical questions from
> debconf.  The solution for such cases is for the user to either
> preseed the debconf cache, or not expect non-interactive installs to
> work.

  I disagree, non-interactive installs should work if they're possible
 to support at all.  When Debconf asks which frontend you want to use,
 it certainly doesn't mention that you shouldn't expect package installs
 to work if you select the noninteractive one.

  In my humble opinion, non-interactivity is good and I use it all the
 time.  It would be sad if I suddenly no more cannot expect it to work.

  With regard to this particular bug, I think the default should be not
 to create an instance like Martin suggested yesterday.  Why a package
 like Zope /insists/ on creating an instance for you is beyond me..

  But in my opinion, Sarge is so far overdue that holding it up awaiting
 such a fix would be a clear disservice to our users.  I'd prefer simply
 documenting the existence of this bug in the release notes, unless of
 course a properly fixed package is uploaded soon, and is granted a
 freeze exception.

Kind regards,
Tore Anderson

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