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Re: Bug#310644: zope bugs

also sprach Tore Anderson <tore@debian.org> [2005.05.26.1209 +0200]:
>   With regard to this particular bug, I think the default should be not
>  to create an instance like Martin suggested yesterday.  Why a package
>  like Zope /insists/ on creating an instance for you is beyond me..

Zope 2.6 is old, and it's a beast, including the packaging. If need
be, I can investigate whether removing the instance creation would
make sense at this stage of the release.

>   But in my opinion, Sarge is so far overdue that holding it up awaiting
>  such a fix would be a clear disservice to our users.  I'd prefer simply
>  documenting the existence of this bug in the release notes, unless of
>  course a properly fixed package is uploaded soon, and is granted a
>  freeze exception.

I would be okay with that, though I would want to explicitly mention
in the release notes that the use of Zope 2.6 is highly discouraged,
and Zope 2.7 should be used instead, if at all possible.

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