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Re: sarge release notes - mentioning apt-get.org and backports.org

On Tuesday 24 May 2005 19:23, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> In response to the recent volatile announcement, I posted to d-release
> and saw only now that debian-doc is given as the relevant mailing list
> at the top of the release note...
> I propose mentioning backports.org and apt-get.org in the release
> notes; details and proposed text see
> <http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2005/05/msg01525.html>.

As neither of these services is new, I don't think they warrant inclusion 
in the Release Notes. If the project feels that apt-get.org and 
backports.org should be "promoted" (or warned against), I would suggest 
that the website 
is be the most logical place to do so.
Maybe a discussion on debian-project on whether a clarification on all 
three sites should be published on www.debian.org would be the best 

Personally however, I see an important distinction between debian-volatile 
and the other two sites.

Debian-volatile will be very restrictive and aims to guarantee 
compatibility with upgrades to new releases of Debian. It will also be 
fully maintained within the current release.

apt-get.org and (possibly to a lesser degree) backports.org both are 
largely uncontrolled with a real risk of at least file conflicts 
occurring on a dist-upgrade to a next release. There is no guarantee, 
especially as a new release gets closer, that packages on both sites will 
still be maintained and upgrade paths from them to the next release 


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