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Re: exim4 sarge package status (was: Please consider exim4 4.50-6 into testing)


exim4 4.50-6 is now 32 days old. It has been uploaded well before the
base-freeze morphed to the full freeze, and would have propagated to
testing on April 27, a week before the full freeze was allowed, if it
had not been prematurely been frozen over a year ago on March 29, 2004.

To take work load from the translators, the Debian exim4 maintainer
team had decided to freeze the debconf templates even well before
(last template change was on January 15, 2004, according to the

This premature template freeze has turned out to backfire badly at us,
since we will be releasing a package with debconf templates that might
be misleading novice users. We still are getting many bugreports which
are caused by the bad templates that we have been unable to change for
15 months now, and we expect an avalanche of bug reports after the
release. -6 contains a lot of documentation fixes which can probably
remedy the sheer number of bug reports expected after the release.

Dear release team, pretty please consider approving exim4 4.50-6, or
indicate what kind of information might be missing to speed up exim4
4.50-6's approval into sarge.

Bug #307961 is one important bug being fixed in this version.

#297670 might backfire at the security team, since failing patches
  might not be noticed during package build

#299051 is bad one, breaking libnss-ldap setups, which concerns the
  interoperability with Windows infrastructures

#303351 breaks the conftype "none".

#300967 is an FTBFS on an unreleased architecture, kfreebsd-gnu.

> > and integration of alternative configuration schemes which doesn't
> > matter for sarge since these are for local use only anyway.
> These changes are no-ops for sarge, but prevent outdated but unused
> code from being shipped with sarge.

The removal of the skeletons for exim4-config-simple and
exim4-config-medium from the source package is about half of the
interdiff between -4, and -6. If you ignore these changes (which are
guaranteed no-ops for sarge), the diff becomes much more manageable.

Please approve exim4 4.50-6 for sarge.


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