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exim4 sarge package status (was: Please consider exim4 4.50-6 into testing)


exim4 4.50-6, currently in sid

On Fri, Apr 29, 2005 at 11:12:28AM +0200, Marc Haber wrote:
> It fixes a number of small bugs, including two that upstream really
> wants to have fixed in the Debian package.

#299733 causes SASL challenges to contain the wrong host name. I
   cannot comment about the severeness of that bug. The fix is, however,
   trivial, see debian/patches/82_upstream_fix-299733.dpatch
#303351 completely breaks "conftype none" due to a bug in
   update-exim4.conf, again with a trivial fix.
#296492 breaks host fallback when ipv6 is used. The code doesn't fall
   back to ipv4 in that case, preventing delivery of mail.
#300967 allows building on kfreebsd-gnu
#299051 is a bad one, breaking usage of exim4 with libnss-ldap
#302060 sometimes results in mails being sent out with a syntactically
   invalid sender
conftype non has always used split config even if non-split config was
   explicitly asked for
lso, we added a fix to the build process which makes the build _really_
   fail in case of a mis-applied patch.

> The default configuration
> has been re-worked to be more flexible and more orthogonal without
> having too many functional changes.

This fixes some wishlist requests asking for more possibilities of
interfering with the configuration.

> Other changes are documentation

We have clarified documentation a lot, based on user's experience with
the package and the docs in older versions, and sincerely hope that
having a package with the improved documentation in sarge will reduce
user questions.

> and integration of alternative configuration schemes which doesn't
> matter for sarge since these are for local use only anyway.

These changes are no-ops for sarge, but prevent outdated but unused
code from being shipped with sarge.

> This package concentrates on packaging changes which have been held
> back in the last package versions due to new upstream versions, and to
> keep the interdiffs small and more easily manageable for the release
> team.

Please approve exim4 4.50-6 for sarge.

exim4 4.50-7, in the process of being prepared

fyi, we have the following changes already in the queue, and
needlessly to say we'd like to have _these_ changes in sarge as well:

The ACL documentation has become inconsistent in earlier versions.
   4.50-7 will fix this.
In some circumstances, exim writes parts of the local /etc/passwd
   and/or /etc/group to the rejectlog and claims that this information
   was received as part of an incoming e-mail. This suggests the local
   system being exploited and is actually quite scary. An upstream patch
   fixing this has been applied.
#305957 rightfully complains that the debconf interface doesn't support
   regexps to be incorporated in update-exim4.conf.conf and generates
   invalid configuration in that case. This has been fixed.
#299743 clutters logs with unsuccessful tries of using unsupported
   SASL mechanisms. This has been fixed by an upstream fix.
#306970 We build against libmysqlclient12-dev now
#304838 makes debconf always ask the dc_readhost question in case of
   satellite since this is needed and will lead to invalid messages being
   generated if not set.

Otherwise, there are - again - minor changes to the configuration
enhancing flexibility, and documentation clarification which hopefully
helps to reduce user questions during sarge's stable phase.

Please indicate whether 4.50-7 would have a chance for sarge, and how
you'd like the package to be uploaded (priority- and distribution-wise).

exim4 4.51-1, which could happen on request

Upstream is not too happy with the 4.50 version which was the first
one being released under the new multi-developer concept. They have
released 4.51 on May 4, 2005:

This version has most of the fixes that we currently patch in in the
   upstream sources, reducing Debian's deviation from upstream.
It allows us to more easily fix #285371 since dh parameters are now
   written in a format that can be generated by certtool as well.
It allows redefinition of macros in the configuration file which will
   allow us to get rid of most of the ugly .ifdef constructs in
   configuration. Also, it allows macro definition not only in the main
   configuration, but also at later parts of configuration, making it
   possible to set macros where they are used.

In short, that upstream version fixes a lot of issues that we'd have
to live with through sarge lifetime, and some of the fixes have been
done especially for Debian. It would be a shame not to have these
things in the stable rlease.

Please indicate whether a 4.51-1 would have a chance for sarge, and
how you'd like the package to be uploaded (priority- and

Thanks for your consideration.


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