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Please, accept mozilla-firefox-locale-all 1.0.4lang20050515-1 for Sarge

The version in Sid of mozilla-firefox-locale-all fixes an important bug, as I 
failed to include the postint and postrm files for 
mozilla-firefox-theme-rtlclassic in the version in sarge (this bug is not in 
DBTS, though, as I created the new package as soon as I realised on the 

This version also adds the Bulgarian and Punjabi translations for Firefox.

Please, consider this version new version for Sarge. Thanks.

  * Update to Firefox 1.0.4 translations for the available languages, keep
    using 1.0.3 or 1.0.1 for the rest.
  * Add Bulgarian (bg-BG) language (downloaded from mozilla.org bugzilla).
  * Add Punjabi (pa-IN) language.
  * mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br.postrm was deleting some rubish from old
    mozilla-firefox-locale-pt-br versions. Eliminate this command from
    postrm, as old users are supposed to have already transitioned.
  * Provide postinst and postrm files for mozilla-firefox-theme-rtlclassic,
    (I forgot to include them!!!!).
  * Add LGPL to licenses, as mozilla.org confirmed that is also applying
    to translations and themes.

  Cesar Martinez Izquierdo

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