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Please approve oinkmaster 1.2-1 into sarge

As I stated in a previous e-mail oinkmaster 1.2-1 should be introduced into
sarge 1.1-1 is not usable since the URLs it points to download Snort
sources are not valid any longer (#305048) (9 days old)

I don't plan to make a fix through t-p-u to specifically fix #305048, it's
not worth my time and I'd rather dedicate my effort in other release areas
(Release Notes, translations, etc.). I'd also rather have the 1.2-1 version
in the new release than have a patched 1.1-1 version.

It's a simple script that almost made it before the freeze so I don't see
why it shouldn't be approved. If the release team believes the sarge
version should _not_ be modified then I will ask for its removal by ftp

It's somewhat popular (1.03% of our users use it vs. 8.88% of ours users 
which have snort installed) but I'd rather have people install the 
packages from unstable or pull directly the script from upstream than 
provide an out-of-date version.



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