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Re: Please consider asterisk-spandsp-plugins for sarge (Re: packages missing from sarge)

El vie, 13-05-2005 a las 11:12 -0400, Joey Hess escribió:
> Paul Cupis wrote:
> > >>I've just upload a 0-day NMU for this to fix bug #305624. Please
> > >>consider allowing the fixed version back into sarge.
> > > 
> > > Approved with the usual testing delay.
> > 
> > The maintainers for this package appear to have made a subsquent upload.
> > Will there be any chance of this newer version getting into sarge, or
> > will we now have to live without this package?
> Well they packaged a new upstream version, which I have not reviewed,
> but which I doubt is going to get into sarge. At this point the only
> option seems to be t-p-u, but I think you need to get the maintainer on
> board and caring about getting thier package into sarge instead of
> obstructing it first.

  If t-p-u is needed, let's use t-p-u. Using t-p-u is not so hard (a bit
messy). If you think that this is the best option, a package for t-p-u
can be prepared this weekend.

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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