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Re: Processing of asterisk-spandsp-plugins_0.0.20050227-1_i386.changes

Hi Paul,

Am Freitag, den 13.05.2005, 17:55 +0100 schrieb Paul Cupis:
> Archive Administrator wrote:
> > asterisk-spandsp-plugins_0.0.20050227-1_i386.changes uploaded successfully to localhost
> > along with the files:
> >   asterisk-spandsp-plugins_0.0.20050227-1.dsc
> >   asterisk-spandsp-plugins_0.0.20050227.orig.tar.gz
> >   asterisk-spandsp-plugins_0.0.20050227-1.diff.gz
> >   asterisk-app-fax_0.0.20050227-1_i386.deb
> >   asterisk-app-dtmftotext_0.0.20050227-1_i386.deb
> pkg-voip,
> Because of this upload, my fixed asterisk-spandsp-plugins package will
> likely not get into sarge.

well, there was no version in sarge at the time i was preparing the
upload, thus the position of "that old version is more likely to be in
sarge than the new one" seemed and seems still quite strange to me. I do
read the release team thinks the old one more suitable and thus for my
personal point, i'd agree to go through t-p-u if the new SID version is
chosen unsuitable.

Yet i do remember this spandsp-0.0.2pre17 was requested from pkg-voip
for a whatever feature i don't recall right now. Some user claimed that
it would have a benefit that'd not be included in pre10 (would need to
look up more details). Unfortunatelly the ChangeLog in the upstream
source was identical for 0.0.2pre10 and pre17, thus i couldn't tell from
there when writing debian/changelog, but the diff revelead it's quite a
large edit between the two. 

This being said, i'd welcome a position from d-r@l.d.o about if we shall
prepare a t-p-u upload with the fix Paul asked for in the first place or
have the SID version ready. (done for all but arm, m68k, mips)

> Is there any interest from this group in trying to get this into sarge?


> As long as the group agree to try to let it in I can try to get help
> from the RMs, but if the maintainer (this group/list) will not support
> its inclusion, it will not be allowed in.

ACKd, but anyway reporting a NMU before "just doing it" would have been
preferred as we all do read email daily even if we don't upload due to a
lack of time.

Best regards,

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