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Can nagios-plugins 1.4-4 enter testing?


Can nagios-plugins 1.4-4 please be accepted into testing?

The only change against 1.4-3 currently in test is the fix for #296295, #299531,
#299756, #304439, #307453 (same bug, reported multiple times). In practice
version 1.4-3 depends on iputils-ping or ping, but actually fails with any
version of ping that is not iputils-ping, segfaulting.

The solution, in order for this release changes to be as non-intrusive as
possible was just to depend on iputils-ping only, and that's the only change
between 1.4-3 and 1.4-4.

I'm sorry this was uploaded too late, but this year I had to be in "minimal
maintanership mode" due to the fact that I'm abroad, and so I didn't have as
much time as I used too... This gladly will change at the end of the accademic
year, in june!



Guido Trotter

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