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suggestions for packages to force to testing for security fixes

Packages that have a security fix blocked by arm only:

ltris 1.0.6-1.1 needed, have 1.0.6-1 for CAN-2005-0825 
racoon 1:0.5-5 needed, have 0.3.3-7 for CAN-2005-0398 

Packages that are blocked by arm and m68k:

epiphany-browser 1.4.8-2 needed, have 1.4.7-3 for CAN-2005-0238 
lsh-utils 2.0-1 needed, have 1.4.2-8.2 for CAN-2005-0389
lsh-utils 2.0.1-1 needed, have 1.4.2-8.2 for CAN-2005-0814 
	(Also has a RC bug though.)
smail needed, have for CAN-2005-0892 
	(The RC bug 301428 should not block this fix from sarge.)

Packages that are frozen:

netkit-telnet 0.17-28 needed, have 0.17-26 for DSA-697-1
	0.17-27 consisted of misc other changes, but
	0.17-28 only fixed the security hole (which is quite a bad one)

see shy jo

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