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apt-listchanges in standard (was Re: Release update: ...)

* Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> [2005-02-22 21:07]:
> In an effort to reduce the number of library packages, db4.1 and
> vacation are no longer part of base.  Also, some outdated libraries like
> gnutls7, gnutls10 and libgcrypt are pending removal from sarge, although
> some of them are waiting for the next debian-installer release candidate
> first.
> If you encounter anything else requiring attention by the release team,
> please don't hesitate to bring it up.  As the release approaches, we
> have a chance to pay attention to smaller issues.

There has one been a plan once to promote apt-listchanges to standard
- the ability to send only "news" items was introduced and made the
default.  Even though this was done, apt-listchanges is still
optional.  I think apt-listchanges and its dependencies only need an
override change but maybe there's more I've overlooked.  Could someone
look into this?  Matt, do you know what happened to the plan of
apt-listchanges to standard?

Martin Michlmayr

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