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Re: quik into testing


* simon@nuit.ca (simon@nuit.ca) [041223 18:50]:
> i'm one of the maintainers for quik. Peter De Schrijver is the other
> one. as you may well know, quik is in base and priority important, and
> base is frozen. it has fixes for the used to be outstanding bug with
> large kernels, and supports initrd (the latter being a long-awaited
> "feature" for it).
> therefore, i think it needs to get into testing-proposed-updates ASAP.

more than one annotation to that:

quik can go in via unstable, if you convince us. And, the unstable way
is the prefered way. However, as there are major changes, I would like
to let quik wait for at least 20 days.

Another issue: As far as I know, it's not possible to list two people in
the maintainer field; if you co-maintain someone with somebody else, one
of them needs to go in the uploads field. Please see
for details.

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