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Re: Please allow console-data in sarge

On Tue, Dec 14, 2004 at 10:50:01PM +0100, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Console-data had recently a few changes in unstable, made through
> NMU's with the agreement of the maintainer, Alastair McKinstry.

> This mail is a request for hinting it to enter testing. Below, I will make my
> best for giving the details about the changes. Please ask for more
> explanations if something is unclear, of course (no need for CC'ing
> me, I'm subscribed to -release).

> The relevant changelog entries are at the end of this mail.

> The change are quite numerous but all targeted at Debian Installer
> enhancements. They only affect udeb packages, except one change which
> adds two new keymaps (ar,fa) to the regular deb package.

> -one broken keymap fixed (did not work earlier)
> -keymap names sorted in debconf (important usability enhancement only
>  relevant for d-i)
> -safer defaults for several languages (helps automated installs in
>  these languages....no effect outside d-i)
> -better translations of keymap names in English and Dutch

> Three keymaps have been added which are not used in d-i. This is
> mostly working for the future, here, as both of them are for languages
> which are currently not well supported in the Linux console (Arabic
> and Persian). The latter is the Greek UTF-8 keymap which is requested
> by Greek users for being in sarge even if it is not the default on
> Greek installs.

> All these changes have been very thoroughly tested by Frans Pop and
> myself, included by myself on automated installs in all d-i supported
> languages. The Greek keymap was deeply tested by Koinstantions
> Margaritis at D-I Oldenburg meeting.

Tentatively approved, pending confirmation from Joey that he's ready to have
these udebs in testing.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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