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Re: status of getting security fixes into sarge

* Martin Schulze (joey@infodrom.org) [041210 08:30]:
> Joey Hess wrote:
> > perl 5.8.4-4 needed, have 5.8.4-3 for CAN-2004-0976
> > 	Still missing mipsel build, should probably be re-queued or
> > 	uploaded manually.

> I suspect there is a problem with the buildd host.  Perl builds (and
> runs) fine in environments outside of this particular buildd.  Requeuing
> doesn't change anything.  Somebody would have to debug the failing 12
> test cases on that particular host, I guess...

I queued perl on another mipsel-machine for a test-build with sbuild and
had still one test failure.
| b/Net/hostent......................#     Failed test (../lib/Net/hostent.t at line 36)
| FAILED at test 2
Please see
for the full log. perl however builds fine with pbuilder on the same

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