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Why is sarge 3.1?

Forgive me if this has been discussed before. I searched the archives of
debian-user, debian-devel, and debian-release, and saw nothing about

It appears that Sarge will be called 3.1. Why is that? I personally
think it should be 4.0, as do many others I have spoken with..

1) Kernel v2.2 is no longer available on install, much less the default.
2) The installer was totally rewritten.
3) [the big one] gcc-3's C++ ABI is totally incompatible with
gcc-2.95's. This alone should force a major number upgrade. What if I
have my critical custom C++ applications running on woody, and I see
"Oh, 3.0 to 3.1.. I'll dist-upgrade, its no big deal" .. blammo,
everything breaks!

Am I crazy? Is it too late to bring this up? Wrong forum? 

Sorry if I seem a little lost.. but I am. I'm surprised nobody has
brought this up recently.. which is why I suspect I've missed something

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