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Re: Introducing RFH and OTH?

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> Several months ago it was proposed (from the RM IIRC) to introduce
> new WNPP tags: RFH (request for help) and ITH/OTH (offer to help)
> I myself have to take a part of the blame that the discussion
> died out since I proposed to technically implement this but it
> was first impossible due to the compromise and then forgotten.


> Now, before I complete and commit this and finally announce the
> availability of it I wanted to ask for comments again to see if this
> "feature" is still wanted and deemed useful.

I think the "feature" is very usefull. I'd like to do OTHs or respond to
ITHs! I think it could be an extra way to motivate future DDs.

It may even be an easier way to find sponsors (if I help you with your
ITH, can you please sponsor my package?), but that's maybe only my hope



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