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gcrypt7/gnutls10 => gcrypt11/gnutls11 for Sarge


given that

* gnutls10 and gcrypt7 are *seriously* out-of-date Upstream;
* Upstream urges us to not distribute them in Sarge (cf. bug #258975):
  >> FWIW, I want to restate that I consider it a *very bad idea* to go
  >> with libgcrypt7 for the Sarge release.  We did not declared that
  >> release stable [...] PLEASE, reconsider this decision and drop
  >> libgcrypt7 in favor of libgcrypt11 - the required changes to the
  >> source are minimal if at all required.  Rebuilding will do it in
  >> allmost all cases
* gnutls10 does not support multithreaded programs correctly; gnutls11
  has a more generic callback mechanism (cf. bug #244827);
* the API changes are minor and only require recompilation;

I would like to ask for reconsideration of the D-I package freeze.

Specifically, I would like to

* add gnutls11 and gcrypt11 to the list of D-I packages,
* Rebuild everything, or at least the packages with Priority<optional,
  to use grypt11 and gnutls11.
* Drop gcrypt7 and gnutls10 from the list of base packages, downgrade
  them to Optional status.

gnutls11 has been uploaded to Experimental and currently waits for
NEW processing. The packages are also available at

deb{,-src} http://smurf.noris.de/code/debian experimental


Matthias Urlichs

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