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Re: gcrypt7/gnutls10 => gcrypt11/gnutls11 for Sarge


At Sat, 24 Jul 2004 19:23:32 +0200,
Andreas Metzler wrote:
> * contrary to the last transition (libcupsys2 -> libcupsys-2gnutls10)
>   different versions of gnutls and gcrypt can co-exist in the archive.
> Of course the last transition was as bad as possible, so "smoother" is
> not necessarily "smooth enough".

OK, I and Sebastien took worst method. X-(
I didn't want to change libcupsys2 name, but we did...
Must I revert the package name to libcupsys2? Or provide new package,

I really hate and discourage last transition. I want true best solution
if we start to transit at now.

Kenshi Muto

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