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Re: gcrypt7/gnutls10 => gcrypt11/gnutls11 for Sarge

Hi, J.H.M. Dassen Ray wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 17:35:59 +0200, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
>> * the API changes are minor and only require recompilation;
> "only [...] recompilation". Please provide details on the number of packages
> this affects. The last gnutls change affected 400+ packages (KDE, GNOME,
> cups, ...) and tooks months to sort out. More importantly, many end user
> applications were broken in the meantime as processes that happened to pull
> in both the old and the new version of gnutls crashed horribly. Is there any
> reason to assume this new transition will go faster and smoother?

Yes there is -- the latest update ended up pulling in gcrypt1 and
gcrypt7, neither of which had versioned symbols. It's impossible not to
have major problems in that situation.

This time, however, gnutls10 has been versioned from the start, and so is
gnutls11 and gcrypt11. Gcrypt7 traditionally hasn't been, but I already
fixed that; I will upload a gnutls10 which builds against the new version
later today. (I need to sort out a cdbs problem first.)

The gcrypt7=>gcrypt11 update might be more problematic because of
linking against the unversioned libgcrypt7, but only a few packages
build-depend on gcrypt*-dev:

Package: aide
Package: dctc
Package: ddt
Package: gnutls7
Package: gsasl
Package: libdisplaymigration
Package: opencdk
Package: teleport

Package: cryptofs
Package: gnutls10
Package: opencdk8
Package: vpnc
Package: wmbiff

Relinking these with a versioned gcrypt7 should not be a problem.
(Rebuilding with gcrypt11 shouldn't be a problem either, for that matter.)
Minimally, relinking them needs to happen anyway; I plan to submit bugs
against them tomorrow.

The list of packages build-depending on gnutls*-dev isn't THAT long either:

package: bitlbee
package: camorama
package: centericq
package: crywrap
package: cupsys
package: cupsys-pt
package: echoping
package: elinks
package: exim4
package: gaim
package: glade-2
package: gnome-vfs2
package: libggz
package: libgnetwork
package: libsoup
package: libsoup2.0
package: loudmouth
package: lynx
package: lynx-cur
package: mailutils
package: mlview
package: mutt
package: openldap2
package: slrn
package: snowdrop
package: thy
package: wmbiff
package: xmlsec1

Exim4 has been tested. Openldap2 has an RC bug which is not easy to solve
without updating; Roland Bauerschmidt is working on that one.

I will use this weekend to make d*mn sure that this will work; I'll also
scan the old bug reports to reproduce the conditions which led to crashes
last time (and make sure that they won't happen this time around).

Additional people who test stuff (and hit me over the head with a virtual
2x4 if I break something) are of course welcome.

Matthias Urlichs

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