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Re: Sarge and real i386-boxes

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Quoting Martin Schulze:
> Andrew Shugg wrote:
> > Goswin von Brederlow said:
> > > Is anyone still using real i386 cpus?
> > 
> > I decommissioned my last one a few months ago.  (12 years old...)  Maybe
> > the best thing to do would be to announce via debian-announce, DWN etc
> > that i386 will likely be dropped for sarge and only i486 and higher CPUs
> > supported?  Then have a poll to see if anyone still needs i386?
> FWIW: I still operate 1.5 of them.
> Losing Debian-current on it would be a pity.

I'm also running i386 "boxes", in fact embedded PC ... but Debian works
on it as long as you're using a kernel wich enables i486 emulation.
As those "boxes" always have big constraints on RAM, you're already
forced to have a custom kernel so it's not a big deal to require this
option to be set. Furthermore according to the bug log (#241497) the
latest 2.4 kernels that Debian ships have this option enabled.

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