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Old packages in testing

    The following packages have very out-of-date versions in testing (> 1 year).
It may be worth investigating these packages to either remove them from testing
or solve whatever pending issue keeps them out thereof.  For reference, I have
included a description of the reverse-depends (as source packages) to assist in
making a determination as to the appropriate action to take;

pgplot5/5.2.2-4 {non-free}
    RC bug (#248551: FTBFS: dh_dhelp not found)
    update (5.2.2-5) in unstable for 598 days
    pgperl/2.18-4 {contrib}
      NMU (1:2.18-4.1) in unstable for 89 days
    wip/2p3-7 {non-free}
      current version in testing

gpcl/2.31.4 {non-free}
    update (2.31-6) in unstable for 556 days
    update not yet built on some architectures
    octave-gpc/0.1.4-1 {contrib}
      current version in testing

openmotif/2.1.30-5 [non-free]
    RC bug (#231751: Open Motif 2.2.2 is Deprecated)
    update (2.2.2-6) in unstable for 523 days
      update (3.88-1) in unstable for 395 days
      depends on openmotif above
      update (1:0.93.94-3) in unstable for 6 days
      current version is in testing
      current version is in testing
      current version is in testing

linuxvideostudio/0.1.4-3 {contrib}
    update (0.1.7-1) in unstable for 487 days
    unstable version seems to have unreported FTBFS or other build issue

satan/1.1.1-18 {non-free}
    update (1.1.4exp-1) in unstable for 483 days
    update not yet built on some architectures
    harden/0.1.11 {main}
      current version in testing
      shouldn't this be in contrib for depending on non-free?

spim/6.3-1 {non-free}
    update (6.5-1) in unstable for 476 days
    update not yet built on all architectures

Emmet Hikory

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