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Re: s390 not keeping up.

On 2004-05-12 Matt Zimmerman <mdz@debian.org> wrote:
> On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 07:25:12PM +0100, Carlos Valiente wrote:
> > On Wed, 2004-05-12 at 13:13, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > > The percentage of up to date packages for sid on s390 is currently
> > > dropping like a stone.

> > Hi! I'm happily running debian-s390 under Hercules. If this is an
> > acceptable setup for taking care of some packages, I'm glad to help

> There was a problem with the s390 buildd, which was corrected by Arnd
> Bergmann yesterday.  It should be catching up soon.

No, that did not change the situation I described I bit. s390 is still
successfully building packages but they are not uploaded.

On a sidenote if one of the 390 buildds had a problem we wouldn't see a
complete failure, as there is currently. -  Probably just a slow rise,
because there are two buildds and s single s390 might even be fast
                       cu andreas
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