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Re: Please (temporarily) remove debian-edu meta packages from testing

* Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org) [040508 17:20]:
> Well, other than joeyh's suggestion to use tasksel-like handling, the
> other idea that comes to mind would be to depend only on packages that
> are in *both* testing and unstable at the time of the build.  That ought
> to avoid all possible problems with testing propagation, though it would
> be more maintainer overhead and make the end product less useful at any
> given time than the tasksel approach.

well, debian does not provide any infrastructure to construct
such a dependency line. note that it allready is quite a pain and
requires madison and quite a bit of scripting on top of it to
find out which packages are available just accross the archs of
ONE distro (eg.  testing), let alone two. what is the suggested
way to do this? i did some research on this and could not come up
with anything short of pulling ALL Packages.gz, and finding
the greates common subset of all. this seems awkward.

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