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Re: Please (temporarily) remove debian-edu meta packages from testing

[Steve Langasek]
>> Currently education-standalone-extras blocks kdemultimedia.
>> education-standalone-extras depends on kmix because the old version of
>> kdemultimedia provides kmix. See #246463 for details.

Why is there no package in sid providing kmix?  Is there no audio
mixer in KDE now?  If the old package are provided, the problem would
not appear, right?

> This hint has been added and will be processed with tomorrow's run.

Sounds good.   We need to upload a new package soon.

> This seems rather suboptimal, not least of all because it's an
> unnecessary hassle for the maintainer to keep track of the package's
> status.  I'd think it at least ought to have its dependencies built
> against unstable, so that it isn't constantly uninstallable in sid
> (aside from the issue of blocking other packages).

The reason I decided to build against testing, was that a lot of
packages in unstable failed to enter testing, and this made it
impossible for debian-edu to enter testing.  This is still the case.

And these packages currently missing from testing are not that
important.  They should be installed if available, and ignored
otherwise.  So I decided to ignore them by building against testing
instead of unstable.

I am interested in alternatives, if there are any good ideas.

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