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Re: Please (temporarily) remove debian-edu meta packages from testing

Andreas Metzler wrote:
> The debian-edu sourcepackage generates 23 metapackages which only
> consist of dependencies. The dependencies are generated semi
> automatically by the script gen-control. - It basically takes a task
> file that lists packages that should be depended on, checks which ones
> are actually available in $dist and generates a control file that lists
> the availble packages as "Depends" and the unavailable ones as
> "Suggests".  Currently "testing" is used as $dist.
> Currently education-standalone-extras blocks kdemultimedia.
> education-standalone-extras depends on kmix because the old version of
> kdemultimedia provides kmix. See #246463 for details.

This is exactly the reason that tasksel was switched from using task
packages to using Task override fields. Well, one of the reasons. The
other reasons will probably bite the debian-edu packages shortly, if
nothing is done. IIRC another one of the problems is what happens when a
buggy package is dropped from testing, and debian-edu-* depends on it.

Temporarily removing the debian-edu packages from testing will not fix
these problems. There is a good chance the debian-edu packages will not
be able to get back into sarge, and that the release team will become
fed up with dealing with them.

I think we should investigate using a tasksel-like mechanism for these
packages. This will require some more diligence on the debian-edu side
to make sure that all the packages we want to be installed as part of
debian-edu profiles are in sarge; otherwise we may get debian-edu
installs that are missing some packages. But it will not block packages
from entering sarge and it will be more robust.

I've only been slowly becoming familiar with debian-edu over the past
two or three weeks and only noticed it was subject to this set of
problems last Tuesday, so I don't have a full proposal for how to
restructure the debian-edu tasks yet, but using the tasksel Task
overrides seems like a very workable approach.

see shy jo

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