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Re: Proposed packages to remove from testing

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> rocks-n-diamonds: Copyright problems for quite a while. (#210233).  Make sure
> this doesn't get into a release!  It's orphaned, and when/if the new
> maintainer (or QA) uploads a clean version, it can go back in.
> (Incidentally, its (ex-)maintainer Charles Briscoe-Smith is utterly MIA
> and should probably be locked out of all Debian machines for now, until
> he reappears.  I wish there was a good way to see the list of all Debian
> Developers who have been marked MIA and locked out already....)

I sent a mail to the last DD who made the ITA, asking if he was still
willing to make the package. Still no response for now. I'll take over
the package or make an NMU, or help him in the packaging.

I sent a mail to the upstream author of the game. He gave me more
informations on the copyright problems. The proposed solution is to make
a debian specific release, with all copyrighted materials removed.


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