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Proposed packages to remove from testing

advi:  Maintainer won't fix the RC bug until he fixes "other" problems,
which he hasn't gotten around to.  Packages which FTBFS should not be in
sarge.  Accordingly, remove it until the maintainer gets around to fixing
his bugs.  (or, yell at the maintainer with authority ;-)

amavis-ng: Totally unacceptable data-loss bug (#219044), really nasty
fails-to-work bug (#223774), plus another RC bug.
This should absolutely not be allowed in a release under any circumstances.
They are being worked on, but this is just way too nasty to allow in a
release.  If the bugs get fixed, it can always go back in.

encompass: Uninstallable for months (so no loss!).  If it becomes installable,
it can always go back in.

iraf: Three serious policy violations, one of which (#218793) is really
unacceptable and open since November 2.  If this ever gets fixed it can
go back in, of course.  Also, the last upload was in the year 2000 (!) and
discussed an incomplete (!) transition to proper building from source.

iraf-ibin, iraf-noaobin, x11-iraf: Intimately linked to and dependent on iraf.
Maintainer doesn't seem to be paying attention to any of the iraf packages,
despite which they haven't been orphaned.  (These, like iraf, are all contrib,

kernel-image-2.4.18-i386bf: Neither build from source due to failure to 
upgrade the build-depends.  (Since July.)  I've suggested in the bug trails
that the maintainer may want to remove these packages from unstable as well,
since they probably aren't useful any more.

rocks-n-diamonds: Copyright problems for quite a while. (#210233).  Make sure
this doesn't get into a release!  It's orphaned, and when/if the new
maintainer (or QA) uploads a clean version, it can go back in.

(Incidentally, its (ex-)maintainer Charles Briscoe-Smith is utterly MIA
and should probably be locked out of all Debian machines for now, until
he reappears.  I wish there was a good way to see the list of all Debian
Developers who have been marked MIA and locked out already....)

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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