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Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

Must say I agree on alot here, that something has to change with the state of unstable/testing?

Unstable is to be unstable: why have experimental?

All packages make their way into unstable, after maintainer have done some work on it.

Some point I wanna make:

-Unstable should be frozen on a sertian time, let`s say 3/4 times a year- then this makes it`s way into testing.

-Tesing will then have a set of packages that are buildt against each other as have been mentioned here.

-Debian`s main "problem" is that packages like gnome/kde and xfree are to old- This does not have anything to say in stable branch since one don`t use x on server`s (well you`ll probably find some Redhat servers running that) Focus more on this than having 15000 packages. Winn the enduser! you have the server marked with the apps that are included.

-Seems that Debian uses to much time to "fiddle" with unstable/testing= problem

-So I say Unstable should not be considered as a system other than for upload of packages that have been somewhat tested ( a alpha system) and most important ONLY after unstable have been frozen should a new package be uploaded, if not very important security/bug fixes.

-Now new packages enter unstable when the "maintainer feals like it".

-Testing get`s frozen after unstable have been "fixed" and it seems like it all works.

-Testing can then be worked on for some time and considred as a beta system.


When testing reaches a certion point eg. less than 500 bugs one can consider to release this "freeze" it for eg another 3 monts and this be the next stable.

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