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Re: Attempted "testing propagation status" report

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 12:29:28AM -0500, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> GNOME 2:  All the libraries need to pass their 10-day wait times, and then
> most of it should go in at once, probably leaving only a couple of packages
> to fix.

orbit2, libbonobo, it looks like.  So this should be ready to go in two
days, if everything stays put in the meantime.

> perl: Just waiting for its wait time to go.

It's specifically waiting for uploads on mips and mipsel.

> jack-audio-connection-kit & friends: 
> * Waiting for gem, which is waiting for a glibc headers fix.
> * Also breaks pd-externals, which has the newest version in 'testing'.
> This is probably not a real issue (pd-externals depends on pd, which depends
> on jack-audio-connection-kit).  (Also, pd Replaces: pd-externals.)
> pd-externals also FTBFS on hppa.  Anyway, pd-externals might need a new
> upload; I don't know.

Isn't pd-externals ok so long as puredata is installed at the same time
as jack-audio-connection-kit?  I don't see anything to suggest
pd-externals requires particular attention.

In any case, freqtweak also needs to be ready to go before this can be
hinted in:

# freqtweak (0.4.8-1 to 0.5.3-1)

    * Maintainer: Enrique Robledo Arnuncio
    * 56 days old (needed 10 days)
    * Valid candidate
    * Invalidated by dependency
    * Not considered
    * Depends: freqtweak jack-audio-connection-kit
    * Depends: freqtweak fftw3 (not considered)

fftw3 is currently at the start of a 10-day wait, and has some
(possibly transient) build failures to be sorted (including one
encounter with nut).

Once fftw3 clears up, I think this hint should do the trick:

easy jack-audio-connection-kit/0.75.0-2 -pd/0.36.cvs-9 alsa-lib/0.9.8-1 ecawave/1:0.6.1-1 fluidsynth/1.0.3-2 puredata/0.37.cvs-7 soundtracker/0.6.6+0.6.7-pre6-1 wine/0.0.20030813-2 alsaplayer/0.99.75-5 ecamegapedal/0.4.3-1 -gem/0.87-5.2 freqtweak/0.5.3-1 fftw3/3.0.1-6

> cyrus-sasl2, krb4, arla, heimdal: I still find these very hard to decipher.
> I still can't believe that they really break 56 packages when going in
> *together*.  Supposedly they're waiting for postgresql, presumably because
> 'old' postgresql depends on something which is going away (although I cannot
> actually figure out what).  But are they waiting for anything else?

Hmm, where are you getting this count of packages that are broken if
they go in together?  It doesn't seem far off, since all Postgres-using
packages are affected; I'm just curious to know where you're getting
this number (most such numbers currently require too much sweat :).


> After the above things get dealt with, it will probably be time to make
> a reassessment and see what (if anything) else involving complicated
> dependencies and version transitions really "ought" to go into
> sarge.  I suspect that there won't be much more and it will become appropriate
> to try to figure out how to fix all the "uninstallable in sarge" bugs at that
> time.

Oh, well, I think there are at least a few people who would mind if we
released with a completely broken set of php4 packages.  But this is
trivial to fix once perl is in.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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