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Re: Some observations regardig the progress towards Debian 3.1

Adrian Bunk <bunk@fs.tum.de> writes:

> Hi,
> below are some subjective opservations and opinions regarding the
> progress towards Debian 3.1 .
> Please read it, and make your own opinions on where I'm right and where
> I'm wrong, even if you might not agree with my opinions on other issues
> or if you don't agree with everything below.
> Another problem for the release is the Debian installer. The vast
> majority of Debian installations is i386. If the new installer isn't
> ready on all architectures it might be an option to ship some
> architectures without installer in 3.1r0, and add the installer for
> these architectures in 3.1r1 or 3.1r2. This way Debian 3.1 might be
> released more early, and even for the affected architectures it's
> better, since additionally to the status quo (installing and using
> Debian 3.0), they can upgrade to Debian 3.1 .
> Thanks for reading this mail.
> Yours
> Adrian

The problems with porting debian-installer to different archs is
minimal. As shown on the D-I debcamp in Oldenburg porting to a new
architecture can be done over a weekend without any prior knowledge of
d-i. Since then several things have also been simplified in respect to
porting and more people are able to help on the issue.

Given a person with the hardware and time I'm certain support can be
added in a single day. The big problem is getting access to the
hardware directly or indirectly through a tester.

And don't tell me use debians machines unless you are able to provide
accounts for sveral non DD d-i developers (which needs sudo for
additional build-depends needed for that arch).

Well, enough ranting. Overall I think the porting to the remaining
archs is the lesser of the problems of d-i.


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