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Re: Time to push qt-x11 and friends into testing?

Wouldn't it be more effective if you would try to fix these packages

instead of proposing to remove them?

No, it wouldn't.

(1) I couldn't care less about these packages.  I'm not competent to fix them and
I don't really want to.

(2) nurbs++ has been failing to build on HPPA since July, while innovation3d has
been failing to build on arm since July.  If the mainttainer doesn't know about
the problem, he's derelict.  If he does know and doesn't care, his packages should
be removed from testing.  If he does care, why is there zero evidence?

ICE on hppa.
It would be effective if you would tell the maintainer about this issue

The maintainer should know, assuming he's not MIA or grossly irresponsible.

and/or send a bug report against gcc-3.3 (needs access to hppa since the gcc maintainers want preprocessed source).

No HPPA access.

 checking for QT moc (moc)... yes
 checking for QT uic (uic)... no
 configure: error: Cannot find proper QT
Needs further investigation, you could at least send a RC bug report to notify the maintainer.

The maintainer should damn well know about this problem; it's been occurring for months.


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