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Woody stable point release

Joey et al,

We haven't had a stable woody update since late last year. What can I
do to help make another point release happen? I know it's a lot of
work, and I'd like to help. At the moment it's getting embarrassing
that we have so many security updates that are on security.debian.org
but aren't on any CDs or in the main archive.

And yes, I know sarge is coming Real Soon Now. That would go a long
way to solving some of this, but it would be nice to get some regular
updates going again, like we had in potato. Joey, I'm not trying to
cause trouble for you here. I appreciate all the work you've done on
these in the past, but it also seems that you've taken on more work
than you have the time, effort or patience to cope with. I'm offering
to take some of this off you, if you'd like me too.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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